I’m so lucky to have found Dr. Matias early this year. Going to my therapy session and talking with him has helped me to begin to understand myself and who I am. I’ve dealt with quite a bit of trauma and toxicity that I am working through to understand and grow past, and he has helped in a way that nobody else in my life ever could. I have grown so much from who I was the first day I walked into Dr. Matias’ office. He truly cares about me, my past, and my future. I can talk freely about anything and everything, and I do. I cannot thank him enough for what he has already done for my mental health, and for everything to come in our continued sessions.

Amanda S.

I struggle with PTSD. And I haven’t yet found anyone who can help me with this until I came upon Dr. Matias. Dr. Matias is a man of great compassion, empathy, understanding, caring and great with people in general. He is friendly and has a calming demeanor. Talking about one’s problems is not easy. But Dr. Matias seems to encourage you to do it without judgment and is very eager to help in any way he can to get you to see past your problems and to deal with them in a better way. I can honestly say that after several months of talk therapy that I am seeing things in a different light and more able to deal with my own issues. I owe him a big thank you for helping me!

Kathy S.

As a man, it is sometimes hard to talk about my feelings. Dr. Matias doesn’t judge, and made me feel comfortable. It’s been a really big help for me to talk to him.

Joe L.

Love Dr. M! Highly recommend! Such sweet people.

Sam L.

Dr. Matias is an exceptionally insightful and caring psychologist. I highly recommend him for help with any issues with which you struggle. He relates well with clients of all ages.

Jill T.

Dr. Matias is such a kind, caring and empathetic person, with many years of experience. He is so genuine and wants to help others. He is most certainly a person I would recommend, if a person is needing help. He connects so well with others, in a respectful way and is a highly-skilled Therapist.

Deirdre B.

My wife of 46 years passed unexpectedly. I needed someone to talk to. Besides my children, she was my everything in life. Dr. Matias is like talking to an old friend. Never a bad encounter. Very professional, but easy to connect with.

Terry C.

I have known Dr. Matias since 2012 when he became my clinical supervisor, and he remains a close friend and valued colleague today. I have been impressed with his level of dedication to training and teaching students, as well as his level of compassion and caring toward even the most difficult patients. He is well versed in many therapeutic techniques, a skilled listener and observer, and most importantly, he is incredibly patient. I wish him well in his new adventure in private practice, he has my highest recommendation.

Lisa R.

Dr. Matias is exactly what my blended family needed. He has worked with us on so many different levels, individually, and as a family. He’s been great with our children aged 9 and 12, they look forward to their appointments! Highly recommend.

Jamie H.

It is often difficult for me to open up to people about anything, but Dr. Matias makes it very easy for me to share my problems and to work on strategies to better my life. He has a kind demeanor and caring nature and genuinely devotes himself to improving the well-being of those he helps. From daily struggles to concerns about politics or current events, I know that I can discuss any subject with Dr. Matias in a thorough and professional manner. I am grateful for my weekly sessions at Lighthouse Counseling and Wellness, and I highly recommend Dr. Matias.

Brahim D.

Dr. Matias is our couples therapist and does an incredible job of guiding the session without being overbearing and is also great at pointing out important patterns to work on (as well as making concrete suggestions on how to do this). He is incredibly patient, kind, and competent; he is also great at bringing humor and lightness to tough situations when helpful/appropriate. Highly recommend working with him!

Mahala R.