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Psychotherapy and Compassionate Counseling

  • Therapy for children and adolescents

  • Professional development & training

  • Suicide prevention training for law enforcement, educators, and workplace professionals

  • Therapy for adults, seniors, veterans and families

  • Couples Counseling

  • Counseling, support and outreach for law enforcement, correctional officers and first responders

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Lighthouse Counseling. We know you may have questions so here are the ones we hear most often.

We will email your admission paperwork, so you are all prepared to meet with Dr. Matias upon arrival; that is the most efficient way to get started. Please take a photo of the back and front of your insurance card and include that as well. If you are able, please scan and send paperwork and the photos of your card to lighthousecounselingwellness@gmail.com. If you forget your paperwork or don’t have a printer, you can always fill out your paperwork when you arrive. If you need to fill out paperwork, we ask that you plan on coming in about 15 minutes before your first appointment.

Our office is in a yellow brick building on the corner of 10th and Washington Street. There is generally parking in front of the building on Washington Street, on the side of the building on 10th street and in a parking lot directly south of the building on Washington street. There is a ramp in the front of the building on Washington Street. There are two entrances to the building, one on Washington Street and one on 10th street. We generally use the side entrance on 10th Street where our Lighthouse Counseling and Wellness sign is located. We will meet you at the entrance near our Lighthouse Counseling sign.

Generally, the first session is an intake session where you can fill us in on the reasons for coming to see us. Dr. Matias will get a history of the issue(s) you face and will gather relevant family, social, and mental health history. The first session is usually the hardest because it is sometimes hard to talk about our problems, but the good news is that most of our clients say that Dr. Matias’ easygoing, non-judgmental, conversational style puts them right at ease.

The frequency of counseling sessions depends on many factors. The most common frequency of contact is weekly, but we see people every other week, monthly, and sometimes more than once a week. Clinical needs generally dictate the frequency of sessions so we will customize our approach to your care plan.

With over 30 year of clinical experience in a variety of clinical settings, Dr. Matias has effectively worked with a wide range of mental health issues. He works with children, teenagers and adults of all ages. He effectively and compassionately helps clients manage depression and anxiety, suicidal and self-harming behavior, grief, trauma, and complicated family situations. Dr. Matias is also board certified as a transgender care provider and welcomes clients from the LGBTQ community.

Dr. Matias recognizes that coming to an unfamiliar person and discussing things that you may not even share with your family or friends is a huge leap of faith and courage. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous the first time you come in. Lighthouse Counseling makes every effort to be welcoming. Our aim is to create a safe space for you.

We want to help you through this challenge and will work with you on a sliding scale.

Absolutely not! It takes strength and courage to recognize that you may need someone to help you through a crisis, manage longstanding mental health issues, or help you discover your true potential.

Absolutely not. Dr. Matias believes that certain medications may be helpful if a person is having difficulty meeting the demands of their life. We all get sad, worry about things or sometimes feel out of control. It’s only when those issues start to put your job, safety or family life at risk that Dr. Matias may bring up the issue of medication. He works with a few carefully selected prescribers in the area and will make that referral only if it makes sense for you.

That’s the beauty of the therapeutic process! Dr. Matias is an optimist and always looks for the strengths in his patients. Often, you will discover or develop personality strengths that you did not know you possess!

All of Dr. Matias’ patients will tell you that he is patient, kind, and compassionate. He takes the time to listen to your oftentimes complicated story and makes every effort to understand you and your situation before making suggestions that may be helpful in your circumstance.

Other questions? Email us at lighthousecounselingwellness@gmail.com and we will get right back to you.

I have known Dr. Matias since 2012 when he became my clinical supervisor, and he remains a close friend and valued colleague today. I have been impressed with his level of dedication to training and teaching students, as well as his level of compassion and caring toward even the most difficult patients. He is well versed in many therapeutic techniques, a skilled listener and observer, and most importantly, he is incredibly patient. I wish him well in his new adventure in private practice, he has my highest recommendation.

Lisa R

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