Lighthouse Counseling and Wellness has been blessed with many clients for whom this is the first time they have sought the help of a mental health professional. It’s an honor to work with these folks and we certainly aim to help our clients have a good experience. Most people don’t know what to expect and may be anxious about how the process works. It’s hard to share your thoughts and concerns with someone outside your circle. I understand that and always say that taking that first step is really an act of bravery.

The first aspect to consider is that psychotherapy is really a process. It’s not usually a quick fix-which, in a world with apps for everything, speedy technology and fast delivery, is sometimes hard to explain. Occasionally people come for a consultation and get what they need from therapy in one or two sessions. Many times, however, people are seeking to be understood and not necessarily seeking to be told what to do and that is where the therapy process can be so helpful. I have always believed that most people know what changes they need to make in their lives. They may need some validation and support to help them attain their goals.

Sometimes people simply want to clarify their thinking with someone who is not in their family or circle of friends. Life can get confusing; relationships can be complex and sometimes our history makes it difficult to think clearly about a situation. Having someone you trust and who has helped others in similar situations can be invaluable.

I’ve seen situations where psychotherapy is a life saver. Unfortunately, in life, things sometimes get out of control…. we may get desperate, make bad decisions, hurt ourselves or even contemplate ending our life. Psychotherapy offer the opportunity to make your plan, think about a pathway and then regain hope for a future that makes sense to you.

Sometimes, psychotherapy is an opportunity to learn about our strengths. In a time of crisis, we often focus on what we think is wrong with us. Lighthouse Counseling makes it a point to help our clients realize their amazing strengths-each of us has talents and strengths that sometimes get buried in our day-to-day stressors. While we certainly want to work through the things that are not working well in your life, it’s important to remember that we all have strengths that we can tap into. We are here for you when you are ready.

About the Author: Dr. Reinaldo Matias

Dr. Reinaldo Matias is a clinical psychologist who provides care and therapy for children, teens and adults at Lighthouse Counseling and Wellness in Michigan City. He can be reached at or 219-916-0239.

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